Xingla Pro Blog Carnival Submitter FAQs

Before submitting a support ticket, you should check out the FAQs below. If you don’t see the solution here, then you can create a support ticket by clicking here.

What’s a Blog Carnival?

The people at probably give the best description. Click this
blog carnival FAQs link
to visit their website FAQs area and get the details.

What are the requirements for using Xingla Pro?

  • Windows XP, Windows 2000, 2003 Server, or Windows Vista & above
  • An active internet connection

Can I use Xingla Pro with Linux or Mac?

In linux you can run a free program called Wine which allows you to run many Windows applications under linux. I’ve tested this in Ubuntu 8.04 and it works. I had to install a complimentary app called winetricks. I then downloaded and installed Cabextract because some winetricks apps (such as ie6) require it to install. Then from the winetricks menu I installed “ie6” to give Wine the Internet Explorer engine. Xingla Pro worked quite well.

At this time I haven’t tested this on a Mac, but I’m assuming that if you install a Windows emulator for Mac such as iEmulator that it should work also.

When I paste an extra long permalink into the blogcarnival “Permalink URL” field, and the length of the permalink is longer than the size of the field itself, I then lose the labels for those fields after the auto refresh. It looks like they’re behind the sidebar. Why?

This is a problem with Internet Explorer and the design of Microsoft isn’t very good at keeping compliant with web standards.

It’s not a “bug” with XinglaPro. You can verify this by opening Internet Explorer, navigating out to and pasting the same permalink directly into the Permalink URL field. You will see that you get the same result.

After Auto Submitting my blog carnivals, some of the carnivals on my list didn’t send a receipt back to my email. Why is that?

There are a couple reasons that this could happen. Some of the carnivals in your list may no longer be active. Some people don’t always stick with hosting blog carnivals on thier site and drop out of the program. Therefore, that particular carnival no longer exists. You can easily find & auto purge them from your list by clicking the “Check Inactives” button.

Another possibility is that for reasons such as busy server condidtions at, your internet connection, network congestion, etc, may have caused a gap in the submission of one or more carnivals.

You can simply select those carnivals in your list and use the “Manual Submit” button to re-submit your blog post to them. If you still get no receipt, there is likey a configuration issue with that particular blog carnival host. With some carnivals, I won’t get a receipt back for a couple days.

When I use the Quick Finder, nothing happens whenever I try to search a keyword

Your web browser has been navigated away from the default blogcarnival submit page. Click the “Reset Page” button to navigate back to the default web page. Quick Finder will now work.

After I UPGRADED version 2 to version 3, my new shortcut and new EXE takes me to the UPGRADE process again and again.

This was an updater bug with Xingla Pro 2 and some Windows configurations.

The quickest solution is to open your ‘C:\Program Files\KeiferSoft\Xingla Pro\’ folder, then right click over the ‘XinglaPro.exe’ file and select ‘Rename’. Rename it to ‘Setup.exe’. Now double click the ‘Setup.exe’ file to run the setup program. This time it will install properly.

This is not an issue with Xingla Pro 3. Xingla Pro 3 has a totally new and reliable auto updater function.

If I try upgrading Xingla Pro version 2 to the v3 update, it is getting downloaded, but the restart attempt generates the following:
“Access to the path C:\Program Files\KeiferSoft\Xingla Pro\Updates\XinglaPro.exe is denied”

This was an updater bug with Xingla Pro 2 and some Windows configurations.

To resolve this, open your ‘C:\Program Files\KeiferSoft\Xingla Pro\’ folder and double click the ‘refresh.exe’ file. This will allow you to complete the update.

Make sure that Xingla Pro is not open before running refresh.exe.

This is not an issue with Xingla Pro 3. Xingla Pro 3 has a totally new and reliable auto updater function.

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