KeiferSoft is based in the United States, and was formed in 2005 to create products that will benefit the user in the areas of internet business or other areas in the form of software designed to enhance your business or to learn a new skill.

The purpose of the KeiferSoft website is to provide a centralized location where all the products created by KeiferSoft can be viewed.

Links to the homepages of each product are available in the main menu.

At KeiferSoft, we strive to offer the very best in products and support. You will never feel ignored if you have a problem with any of our products. I will do my very best to give you the best service possible and make you a happy customer. After all, we would like to have you back again!

You can also receive lots of valuable free info at my internet business blog. Come on over for a visit! We’d love to hear from you there.

Best Wishes,

Jack Keifer, KeiferSoft